Monday, July 13, 2009

a picture and a story

Pleasant Hill, CA

Once there was a 30 year old boy. Let's call him Sean. Sean stopped going to the gym about 8 months ago. He thought he was too busy or the gym was too much. During those 8 months, Sean ate a lot of fast food and drank a lot of unnatural soda. Sean lost a bit of his "in-shape" status. Today Sean returned to the gym. Sean was exhausted and breathing hard after only 250 meters in the pool. Sean used to swim MILES in the pool.
Sean was so tired after he left that he could barely lift his arms to take this crappy picture. On Wednesday Sean will return. Hopefully with more energy. The end...


  1. 500free is my w/u now! I started swimming 3 weeks ago and now I go almost every night. once i hit the 2000mark.. well, I aim for that now every time I go. And I love fly. Love it! and I used to huff and puff after half a lap! then again.. I've got a coach for free and it's not Ben. i am so addicted now so much that if i'm not swimming i don't feel fulfilled. why now all of a sudden? i know someone who goes to that gym btw..