Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kentucky Bound

Antioch, CA

For 18 months now all I have heard about was Melinda's desire to go to Kentucky. When she opened her mission call he was so excited that her mission including Kentucky. When she first got out in the field - there was only one area in Kentucky for Sisters and she was anxous to go. Then they closed that area and I got a letter saying how sad she was. Then they opened 2 sister areas in Kentucky but president told her she didn't talk enough to go to either one of them. Well guess what. I got a letter today telling me that for what she thinks is her last area - she's going to Kentucky. I hope it is everything she thinks it will be because I think it's going to look a lot like Tennessee.

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  1. the people there were a lot nicer, and the ground was a lot flatter than in Tennessee.