Thursday, June 3, 2010

Portrait project

For about 2 months now I've been working on using my dad's camera to teach me about shooting portraits in black and white using film. Tonight I picked up the last roll of scanned film and these are the pictures. I learned a lot in the process. It started with the picture above. I was asked to do a photo shoot for a customer's Linked account. We took about 100 pictures. With digital that's okay, but film is bloody expensive, so I really wanted to learn how to shoot portraits without shooting so much. I made an announcement on Facebook and got three victims er...I mean volunteers.
Dave was the first volunteer.
This is probably my favorite from the initial shoot.
With David I tried to take a lot of different poses. I was trying to figure out how to pose a subject.
Next was Toni:
This is my favorite from the shoot.
This is Toni intimidating Dave.
Toni wanted to add a prop, which I forgot added more shadows to be weary of.
This is the one time that shadows made me happy. It looks like she has a necklace from her earrings.
Next was Steven. I shot pictures of him with the much prodding from Toni.
When I got this film developed I quickly saw the importance of lighting and using it for me benefit and not against me. Tomorrow I will show other shots and talk a little more about what I learned.

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