Thursday, July 12, 2007

Book Buy Back

Today was book by back. I made enough to pay for my cell phone bill and a third of my credit card bill. Oh, and I ran across nearly every girl that I've talked to, dated, or made out within the last year. And I passed them each about 8 times as the line weaved all around. Oh the memories.

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  1. Book buy back is a sore spot for me to this day. lol When I was *ahem* "asked to leave" Ricks, my roommate told me that she would sell my books back for me and send me the money. (I kinda needed it since the reason I was *ahem* "asked to leave" was because I was pregnant). I never heard from that roommate again. All of my books were bought new, so a pretty penny was to be made at book buy back. I had actually considered keeping several of them because I wanted to learn about what was in them, but figured I needed the money more.

    Book buyback is a fun time though...nothing like making some good money in a short amount of time!