Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day Parade and Fireworks

I've never lived anywhere where they drive a tank down Main Street to celebrate Independence Day. This was really cool.

(Beyond the Cut - Parade)

(Beyond the Cut - Fireworks)

(Beyond the cut - Bishop's House Party)


  1. I think I was across the street from you at the parade.
    It's too bad I'm not in 20th ward anymore, your Bishop's house looked like fun. Of course, I could have joined Heidi and pretended to be part of the ward.
    Your firework pics turned out really good.

  2. Whoa! Rexburg does it up big these days. I remember my 1st summer there they didn't do a DANG thing- not a firework in sight... well, unless yah walk to the upper fields... then you can see a bit. BYUI's big time i guess.

  3. The fireworks are from Idaho Falls, not Rexburg.

  4. Sean, that pic of the tank was taken across the street from me & Gu's apt...that's our building; we used to live above the Bed Place - remember?

    (I just remembered that time you were over to watch a movie and we kept falling asleep - sorry :-D)

  5. I remember. I remember it every time I drive by there. The place where my internship is is on the next block over so I go by there every weekday.