Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wish List

Occasionally people want to do something nice for me. If you ever have that happen in your life but you don't know what to do, here are some suggestions:

Big Ticket Items
Digital SLR
Freedom Ryder

Fans Shed Light on the Game

BYUI Sweatshirt
BYUI Jacket
Single Color Polo Shirts
A cowboy hat like my father's
A new suit

A walking stick
More people to shop at Cindy's Etsy Shop

Free Items
Someone to help me wash my truck (which is a drawn out process)


  1. Wish there was something that I could get you for your birthday as well as Christmas...=-(

  2. I think that goes under the "Big ticket items" and you come down and see me.

  3. Truck washing sounds like fun... except that it's so darn cold... and the wife under big ticket = nice choice...

  4. Cleaning my truck is such a hassle. First you have to remove the tool box on the back. then you have to remove the trash in the back (last night I found moldy curly fries). Then you wash it. Then you have to put the truck box back on and tighten it down.

    Very aggrevating process.

    Shauny - I still have your Christmas gift from last year saved on my phone. Feel free to do that again this year.

  5. Cleaning your truck sounds kinda like washing my car...except there's just big bags of toys...and little toys strewn all over the front and back. No comment about the big ticket items...

  6. Hey you took what I got you off your list. Does that mean you do not want it anymore or now that I got it for you your happy. (I'm talking about the birthday one.)

  7. Shell: The differences I see are I took down the charities, the sawsall and the gift cards. I doubt you wrapped up a sawsall in those tiny packages so it's either a donation to a charity or a gift card and when my birthday rolls around I would be happy with either of those. I took down the charities because for as long as I've had that list up - no one has ever donated to a charity on my behalf for a holiday. The reason I took down the gift cards was because last year I got a lot of comments about how people wanted to give me specific gifts and not money at specific shops. So this year I tried to be more precise in my desires - which is hard for me. You know how much I hate spending money on me unless it is for food.