Friday, December 12, 2008

Black Forest

Oakley, Ca

We had the monthly Building Birthday lunch/December Holiday event today at work. I made Black Forest Cheesecake. After the Early Start people were done singing to me - guess who showed up?


  1. So are you going to make one of those cheesecakes for Christmas dinner? I think it is only fair since I am cooking everything else and the Sugar Plum Ring will be long gone before dinner. Hmmm Ham in beer (I wonder how come we don't get sick considering we can't drink beer? - It sure does make the ham better though).

    I am really looking forward to our traditional family Christmas day, even though there won't be any presents and your brother's family is stuck in the Midwest, probably in tons of snow. Thankfully the only snow we will have to deal with will be on the mountain tops around us, not in our front yard.

  2. Maybe. Which type do you want?

  3. Chocolate, of course. The one you made looks great.

  4. Well there is my standard chocolate chip cheesecake, or the black forest one, or the marble chocolate cheese cake or any other on Eagle Brand's website you can choose from. And now that Barbara has taught me how to make crust and now that I have a spring form pan - the options are endless.

    But I'll make the black forest one if that's the one you want.