Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picture of Pictures

Oakley, CA

I got a letter today from Kentucky that had pictures of Tennessee in it.


  1. Bottom left picture- what is she holding? Or does she send just as many explanations with your pics as she does with pics to me- absolutely nothing :)

  2. She sends explanations on the back of each picture - but trying to read her handwriting sometimes is like trying to read hieroglyphics. The words I was able to make out are "Some sort of ___________. smells like pumpkin. Seeds look like pumpkin. Must be a squash."

    Go figure from there.

    The only one that got any really detailed description was Top left. Her and her companion were running late for an appointment so they took a short cut through the woods and came upon this creek. She made the comp stop and let her take a picture.