Saturday, December 13, 2008


Pittsburg, CA

For 4 hours today I finished the homework and started studying for the final on Monday. Life at a Junior College is so different than life at the Lord's University. At BYUI - the library was open until 11PM and people used it until then. I got kicked out of the math lab at 4 pm today and after I pointed out that the Antioch main library was closed and that the school's library closed at 2 PM, a professor was nice enough to open up a study room for me to stay in until 6 PM at which I got booted from there too. When I left - this was the parking lot out side - On the Saturday before finals!! Don't people need to be finishing projects or having group study sessions or at least creating master cheat sheets? Why was I the only one left?

(BTC - Messiah on Temple Hill tonight.)


  1. - Some CC students don't develop good study habits until after they flunk a few classes. Some never do.

    - Most students probably have someplace else to study. With the Internet, most can now do good research without going to a physical library.

    - CCs for the most part are entirely commuter colleges with no residential students, so the students are spread all over the county. Many may find going to the college to do research or study is inconvenient.

    While a significant number of students at a CC are not very dedicated scholars, many are very motivated to get good grades and learn what they need to advance. Many are in low paying, dead end jobs and realize that their most probable way out is via education, so they put a lot of time and energy into the classes, but due to other aspects of their lives, may have to study and do research at other places.

    You are always welcome to study at my place. Just clear the sewing machine off the table in the extra bedroom and go for it. If you bring your laptop, you can use the wireless card to access the Internet if you need it.

    BTW - did you know that you can access the AT&T wireless networks at most Starbucks and McDonalds? email me for how. (Caution, the McD in Stanton, CA is one of the few that doesn't have wireless - I was real bummed out after ordering dinner there to find out I couldn't check my email)

  2. I actually do best when I'm studying at a library or something of the like. Places with too many people (McD or Starbucks) distract me and at home I get distracted with all that's going on. BYUI's library was a great place to study when I didn't know anyone, but as soon as I started knowing people...well I ended up conversing and instant messaging more than I was studying. The nice thing about being at the JC is once again, I don't know anyone. I went to math lab yesterday and no one talked to me - which is why I was able to get the HW done.