Thursday, December 4, 2008

for the wall

Oakley, CA

The Antioch office has a big wall with all of the employees' pictures on it. Well - all except one. For several months I have been dodging the request to turn in a picture of myself. I used the excuses that seemed to work "I keep forgetting." "We don't have any film for the Polaroid." "I'll get to it next week." And so on and so forth. Well - word got out that not only do I have access to a camera - but I take pictures every day. Some of my co-workers even know about my blog (this one not that one). So word came down from the big boss that I need to turn in a picture by Friday of next week to have it put on the board. So today at work I spent some time taking pictures of myself looking bored, unimpressed and generally bland. This was one of the better ones. If I remember next time I'm at the Antioch office I'll take pictures of the board so you can see what I am compared to.


  1. Once again you had to go and not smile. Bad Sean.

  2. Dude it is time to shave...and maybe touch up the eyebrow;)