Friday, March 27, 2009

An apple tree in progress

Oakley, CA

I finally had time today to take down the snowchild and put up something for spring/summer. On Monday I'll print off apples to be colored by clients (it is an "activity for daily living" skill they must master). I figure this can last until September where we'll put something like this up.

**Because the artistic design will be lost on my 5 year-old clients and on my 35 year-old co-workers, there was a purpose behind the way I did the tree. I felt that the snowchild was very 2-D and I wanted the tree to be more full, and pop out a little more, so I cut out various leaf clusters and put them on top of each other. I figured if I put up just a single sheet the tree wouldn't pop out as much. I'm still not happy with it but I have 6 months to get it right. (I'm also not happy with the clouds and I'll probably tweak them either in shape or in color.)

1 comment:

  1. I dig the tree effort...but I'll admit that I didn't even know they were clouds until after reading..
    but like you said, 6 months