Thursday, March 26, 2009

preparing for a french dip

Antioch, CA

So I need to learn to stop opening my mouth. On Sunday the children and the mom were sitting around discussing the children's new chores. (They didn't have any before). It was decided that you get one night to do clean the kitchen and do your laundry. I adventured out of my room to ask for Thursday nights for laundry and dishes. Then I suggested that the children need to learn how to cook (I did this because I get tired of them bitching to their mother about them being hungry. More than once I have suggested they feed them selves and they say "I don't know how.") The 17 year-old chimed in and said "That's a great idea. And Sean should have to cook too." So tonight I had the blessing of cooking dinner. If I got put on a jury yesterday - I was going to buy pizza. Instead tonight I made french dip sandwiches and curly french fries.

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