Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day in the life of March 28 2009

The time my alarm was set for
The time I got up

On Friday we had two trailers full of horse manure dumped in the back yard, so at 8:05 I was out shoveling the manure around the garden. I stayed here until 10:45.
For part of the morning I had two little helpers out there with me. However, after they discovered the plethora of centipedes in the manure, a whole host of scientific experiments were underway and I was left spreading the horse poo by myself.
Denise bought me a small breakfast which was good because I hadn't had dinner last night, went straight to the garden so I needed some food in me if I was going to do anything else the rest of the day.
Then it was off to a quick shower,
and some teeth brushing.
This is what I would look like if I had rabies.

I was trying to make up for lost time, so I was exceeding the posted limit.

Evidently, some people were in more of a hurry than I was.
And some people weren't.
I met my father for lunch in Pleasanton where we ate more beef and discussed the storage unit problem, his new relationship, and he gave me my mail and other gifts.
After lunch we went on a walk around downtown Pleasanton, a first for both of us. We stopped at an art gallery and a Museum (sorry - no pictures were allowed.)
A pretty tree we saw on our walk.
I then went back home to get ready for the evening. The boys were playing guitar hero when I got home. After a month without the excitement of Guitar Hero the 10 year-old got a new version for his birthday and various rock songs have been filling our home again.
I colored in all of the black spots on my black slacks with black marker.
After another quick shower (I was sweaty from the walk and could still smell the horses on me) I got ready for the evening. I haven't worn this suit coat for 8+ year. It still fits, sort of.
After meeting at Robin's, Amy Robin and I went to go see Shell, who was nice enough to take our picture.
So we took hers as well.
This was just a quick shot from the Maritime Academy's campus. I like how the bear looks like he is walking on the bridge. I love taking pictures of those bridges.
After seeing Shell, Robin drove into the City (SF) and I sat in the back seat taking pictures.

We went to a Fund raising Gala. During Cocktails you could participate in a silent auction.
Or you could take pictures of the room and its chandeliers.
Or the piano player
Or of Robin and a chandelier.
Eventually was dinner starting first with the salad.
Sitting next to us at the table was a young camera happy couple that had a camera just like mine. We took pictures of them and they did the same for us.
More chandeliers
Dinner was delicious.
The Gala took place in a Marine Memorial Club. In between the cocktail floor and the dinner floor was the bathroom and a group of walls with the names of soldiers who had died in Iraq. It was a rather sobering place to stand after peeing. After dinner, Robin took us back to Vallejo. We saw Shell again and I gave massages to shell and Robin before heading home. On my way home I purchased breakfast for Sunday and a snack for Sunday as well.
This is the time I eventually made it home. I'm going to bed at 2.


  1. You sure love those chandelers. I guess I know what to get you for Christmas.

    So are the chocolate chips breakfast or the snack? either way yummy.

    Couldn't you have cropped my picture a little.

    I love the deodorant next to the alarm clock. Classy.

  2. I'll crop it when I load it on facebook. The chips were for snack. I'm not allowed to store my Arm and Hammer in the bathroom where I shower so I keep it somewhere where I'll see it and remember to take it to the shower in the morning.