Friday, May 29, 2009

book deal

Antioch, CA

Nina has been actively attempting to get me to read the book on the right. I have actively been telling her heck no. Well, during the past weekend to visit her we were at her place, I was massaging her shoulders (I love giving massages. It relaxes me so much as it relaxes my victim...I mean friend) when she again mentioned my "need" to read a book about vampires. She said "Just like before [September of 2007], I'll read something of yours in exchange." I did not realize at the time that Twilight was 498 bloody freaking pages long(!), and so I suggested a book I really enjoyed called A Walk in the Woods (which is only 274 pages). So tonight I went to Half Price Books and bought me a copy of Twilight and Nina a copy of A Walk in the Woods. I'll start reading the vampire book as soon as I'm done with my current read - Testimony by Anita Shreve which is actually keeping my attention - unlike the 4 other books sitting on my night stand.


  1. In my defense Sean your book is probably a little more thought provoking than mine.

    And just to clarify things for you I don't love Twilight because it is about vampiers...I love it due to the intensity of relationships in the story line. I LOVE that a book can make intense feelings seem ok, when so many are annoyed by my own intensity.

  2. Nope, mine isn't thought provoking at all. Mine is just funny. It pretty much just describes what would happen to me if I decided I was going to suddenly take up long distance hiking.