Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fresno LDS Temple

Fresno, CA
Post #700: 699 pictures since Day 1.

I wanted to test out my truck this weekend. It hasn't been on a long distance trip since September 2007, since the last time I went up to see Nina. For Memorial weekend, I'm going up to see her again and I wanted to see if the truck was ready. It performed fine.
I drove to Fresno today to also get some more pictures of the Fresno Temple. I run a temple picture blog along with some friends. I'm constantly looking for more Temple pictures to add to the blog. If you live near a temple or have digital images you want to share - please contact me.

(BTC - Sunsets at 70 MPH)
(BTC - For Shell)
I was inspired by Josh for today's picture.

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