Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Mutt

Antioch, CA

I went with Tom tonight to do some work at a customer's place. The customer has a new dog that they got from the pound. Cute little mutt that is a 3 way cross (lab, collie, and something else I can't remember). You can tell it has been abused because any time you call after it it cowers. But it was a fun dog anyway. It's a licker and a kisser (which I don't mind), but the owner is trying to train it out of the dog. A friend today asked me if I was a cat person or a dog person and I can't really say I'm either. I like both as long as they aren't in my bed or in my shower. (I have a dear ex-girlfriend tell me that if we ever got married the GREAT DANE would sleep with us in bed. I don't think dogs belong in my bed or even in my bedroom. It was a sticking point in our relationship.)

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